Your Wellness Sessions 


Developing a Plan

By the end of the first session, you will have an immediate, actionable plan to begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle. All of your needs and any restrictions, dietary, physical or medical will be factored into creating your own personalized wellness plan 


7 Day Diet Plan

During the second session, you will review what has worked and factors that might affect your success level.


At the completion of the session, a custom 7-day diet will be prepared. The recipes included are designed to enable you to achieve your new lifestyle.


 Progress Charted

At the beginning of this journey, you will have a journal to record changes in your life. In the third and subsequent sessions, we will use your journal and notes to determine if any changes should be made to your plan or not.


Your happiness and fulfillment of your goals for a healthy lifestyle and well being is the key. Any faltering requires re-assessment of plans and goals. 

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